James Carey

Rear Admiral (USN, Ret.)

Rear Admiral James J. Carey, U. S. Navy [Ret.], served in uniform for 33 years as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer and retired on October 24, 1994 in ceremonies at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, DC, where he commanded Readiness Command Region SIX for 3 years during Desert STORM in Iraq. Admiral Carey also served as Vice Chairman of the U. S. Federal Maritime Commission during the Reagan Administration and Chairman during the Administration of George Bush Sr.. He has been a lifelong active participant in numerous military and veterans organizations, including 40 years as a national leader in military voting rights where he has been deeply involved in last years passage of new federal legislation for military voting rights. Carey also recently testified before the Texas Senate regarding their new military voting legislation.  Carey currently serves as Chairman of the National Defense Committee and National Chairman of The Flag & General Officers' Network. In addition, he serves as Chairman of the Rear Admiral James J. Carey Foundation where the primary focus is on leadership training of America's best & brightest next generation, including a Military Veterans Program designed to provide younger veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with “career-shift training” that credentials them to pursue civilian career paths in national public policy provides them with a lifetime career path rather than "just a job." Admiral Carey is married, and lives in Alexandria, VA, and has two grown daughters living in Denver, CO and San Diego, CA.



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